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Aldenham Reservoir

We have been called out to Aldenham Country Park reservoir yet again due to the water level being dropped once again and leaving wild native bird life exposed to predators. We are totally bemused by the behaviour of the land owners and feel this needs to be addressed urgently. We have had reports of cygnets being killed and or attacked by dog and other predatory animals due to the water level being dropped and there nesting areas being totally exposed and disturbed not only is this effecting the poor bird life but this is also effecting the other local wildlife! Maybe Moonstone Rescue is wrong but are we not in a climatecrisis? Surly we should be looking after what's around us now before it's too late ? As we say we will be taking this much further please do share this post as far and wide as possible and maybe even head down to see the effects of what's going on.


We'd like to update you on our check's now being held on a daily basis of Aldenham Reservoir. Unfortunately as you'll see, things are not good at all. We would like to ask each and everyone who is concerned to write to your local MP or council member as well as environmental health and ask if not demand the draining of the reservoir to stop and this must be done with immediate effect. We spoke to two lovely locals who were also fairly unhappy about what is currently going on who were brought up locally & have been around the reservoir for many year's as many other people have been. Please see the original post below - this is now an urgent call for the draining to stop immediately and allow what is living on the site to live, regardless of who own's the land. This is about allowing and accepting we were not here first and we should allow what was here first to live and thrive.

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